Twist 2017 ‘FULL ON HARD’ Promo mix – Free Download

1. Karim – Cabopino
2. The Snail – Sabotaged
3. ShortFuze – Ice Bomb
4. Allnighters – Black Is Black (Aaron James remix)
5. Adam M & Mumbles – Ditch The Bitch
6. Trauma – Wanna Ride (Seanie Jackson Remix)
7. Smart & Mumbles – Set To Rights
8. Karim – Love
9. James Nardi & Wayne Smart – Eternally
10. Ken Slater & ShortFuze – Face Off
11. Skol & Ben Stevens – Messiah
12. Lee Pasch – Threat To Society – (G.S.R’S 2017 Remix)
13. Aaron James – Rampant With Age
14. Ian M – No Way (Karim Remix)

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Here’s my Twist 2017 ‘FULL ON HARD’ Promo mix, this last 12 months I’ve had the honor of playing at TWIST numerous times, on my own and B2B with some quality DJ’s!

This mix is me just slapping out the tunes I’ve enjoyed playing at TWIST this year.

As always, the mix is not pre-defined or computer generated, there’s no 2nd chances, no editing, no mastering etc. Just a RAW mix like you’d hear in the club!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed mixing it,

DJ ShortFuze!



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