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DJ ShortFuze at Fuzed


Since his childhood music has always been a passion for DJ ShortFuze and from his late teens he has constantly been involved in music.

An award winning event manager and promoter of numerous House, Hard House & Hard Dance brands and holding almost two decades of event management & promotional experience, his knowledge is second to none.

Whilst hosting these events ShortFuze has sat back and took note of top draw DJ’s. Including Hard House hero’s Andy Farley, Fergie, Paul Glazby, ilogik, Paul Maddox, Ben Stevens, Rob Tissera & Adam M giving him an ear for high quality mixing and a variation of harder edged music styles.

DJ ShortFuze’s music spectrum is only one side to his armoury.  ShortFuze has also worked with the likes of Lisa Lashes, Kutski, Lisa Pin Up and Andy Whitby allowing him to view the key marketing aspects of a headliner.

For the last 18 years ShortFuze has organized regular events of between 200-5000 attendees. This means that DJ ShortFuze knows exactly what is required to get people through the door and onto those dance floors.


In 2014 ShortFuze had never even mixed two tracks together, but since his first ever mix he has never looked back. DJing & Producing is now his passion, hobby & future. Since the start of 2015 ShortFuze has been playing out at events across the UK, from small 200 capacity events right through to 3000 capacity indoor festivals.

DJ ShortFuze is a Hard House DJ that loves the range of groovy & funky beats right through to the gritty evil stuff. As long as it has energy and it makes people dance he’ll play it! ShortFuze is already known as an extremely versatile DJ and has played a range of sets from warm up sets at Secret Party Project (House Set) & Fuzed. Peak-time sets at Bounce Factory, Twist & This is Hardhouse and he has even thrashed out closing sets & after-party Shine.

Production-wise ShortFuze has already had a Number 1 with ‘Face Off’ a joint production alongside close friend ‘Ken Slater’ which was released on Vicious Circle. Also a Number 2 ‘Ice Bomb’ a solo release on Mohawk!  ShortFuze also won a hard fought DJ Competition at ‘This is Hardhouse’ securing him a residency for all future events.

Throughout 2017 ShortFuze played at a number of great events outside of his usual locality, including the majority of Twist events in London, plus events in Manchester & Hull. 2018 is already set to be another quality year for DJ ShortFuze 💣 with events until December confirmed.

Ken Slater & DJ ShortFuze - Face Off on Vicious Circle
DJ ShortFuze Slipmat now available


ShortFuze recently announced that he is to take time out of full-time promoting to focus on his DJ career and music production. This focus will see a number of new releases from the short one.

A new hard copy mix CD is also in the pipeline after the success of his previous Aspirations CD.

A host of ShortFuze Merchandise is set to be released alongside some Fuzed merchandise and tickets. Find this on the shop page.

2018 is already packed with a host of great gigs in Birmingham, London, Nottingham and Derby. ShortFuze has a couple of other events confirmed but still to be announced, internationally and in the UK.  Check out the events calendar & blog for more info.

Also ShortFuze brings the return of FUZED to its hometown. Keep an eye out on his ShortFuze facebook page & the Event Page for more info.